Board of Directors

Winchester Hospital Board of Directors

Paul Andrews

Jane Walsh
Vice Chairman

Howard Grant

Tim O'Connor

Matthew Woods
Assistant Treasurer

David Spackman

Joseph Tarby III
Assistant Clerk

Board Members

Jonathan Adler, MD
James Conway
Cindy DeRosa
James Ficociello, DDS
Robert Fortunato, MD
Eric Hayden
Janice Houghton
Arthur Little, MD
Dale Lodge
John Martini
Deborah McDonough
Richard Ockerbloom
Peter Rotolo, MD
Richard Sayre
Joseph Taylor, MD
Michael Travaglini
Marlene Williamson
James Young
Dana Zitkovsky, MD

Imaging Services

Winchester Hospital offers a wide array of leading-edge diagnostic imaging services close to home, led by a team of highly skilled general and specialty radiologists, nurses, technologists and support staff.

Wound Healing

A wound that won’t heal can be more than an annoyance. It can mean another day of pain and discomfort. But the physicians and nurses at Winchester Hospital’s Wound Healing Center can help.