Walk-In Urgent Care Center Meets Growing Demands

For more than 25 years, the Winchester Hospital Family Medical Center (FMC) has provided much-needed care to the residents of Wilmington and the surrounding areas. It is one of Winchester Hospital’s primary outpatient sites, providing care to tens of thousands of residents in the community. 

Winchester Hospital recently made significant improvements at the Walk-In Urgent Care Center,which is located in the Family Medical Center,500 Salem Street in Wilmington,which will enhance the patient experience. The hospital expanded the walk-in’s registration and waiting areas and added treatment areas.  These improvements will increase capacity and decrease wait times.

“Walk-in urgent care has seen a dramatic increase in demand for services in recent years,” said Teriggi Ciccone,MD, medical director of the Walk-In Urgent Care Center.“Winchester Hospital has met this demand through the expansion and improvement of our physical space. These renovations will allow us to care for a growing number of patients in both a more efficient and comfortable setting. The result will be a more positive experience for all of the patients we care for.”

From urgent care to primary care and outpatient services such as specimen collection, imaging, ultrasound and mammography, the FMC offers high quality health care in a convenient, low cost setting. The FMC’s mammography service is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The Walk-In Urgent Care Center is a critical resource at the FMC that treats patients who are unable to access timely care through their own primary care physicians and who are trying to avoid a costly visit to the Emergency Department.

Why Walk-In?

Did you know the Walk-In Urgent Care Center can save you money and have you home sooner? The Center provides urgent care at a lower cost and with shorter wait times compared to your local Emergency Department. A visit to the walk-in center has co-payments similar to a visit to your doctor’s office. 

Services handled by the Walk-In Urgent Care Center include: wound are, suture lacerations, orthopedic care, manage and splint fractures/ sprains,provide IV fluids and medications, basic upper respiratory infection and other common illnesses (cough, sore throat, rashes and urinary tract infections).

There are some conditions however that should be treated at the Emergency Department. They include: chest pain, difficulty breathing, severe headaches, severe allergies, severe bleeding and neurological symptoms that might indicate a stroke (numbness, weakness or difficulty speaking).

Support Our Center

To help Winchester Hospital with the renovations of the Walk-In Urgent Care Center, Market Basket and The Demoulas Foundation provided a matching challenge grant of $100,000 for the construction.

“This generous donation is helping to ensure urgent care patients continue to receive top quality care in a timely and cost efficient manner,” Ciccone said.

To make a gift, please contact the Winchester Hospital Foundation at (781) 756-2156 or email kchepulis@winhosp.org.