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Honor or remember someone special with a tribute or memorial gift to Winchester Hospital.

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Tribute Giving

Tribute gifts to Winchester Hospital are a meaningful way to honor birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, births or other special occasions. We will notify the person you are honoring that a gift has been made in his or her honor.

Dr. Jonathan and Sunny Adler Medical/Surgical and Oncology Unit

Jonathan Adler, MD, one of Winchester Hospital’s most dedicated, revered and long-serving physicians, announced his retirement in 2014 after more than 40 years of providing exemplary patient care. As an enduring tribute to him, Winchester Hospital renamed one of its recently renovated units the Dr. Jonathan and Sunny Adler Medical/Surgical and Oncology Unit. For months, hundreds of gifts poured in from a loyal fan club of patients, colleagues, friends and neighbors. The following is the extensive and inspiring list of supporters:

Supporters of the New Unit

  • $100,000

    Rob Adler and Family
  • $50,000-$99,999

    Mr. and Mrs. Werner A. Carlson, Jr.
    Charles and Barbara Gulino
    Tina and Tony Triglione
    The Winton Club
  • $25,000-$49,999

    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. O'Neil
    Suzanne and John Reno
  • $10,000-$24,999

    Mary and Trey Agnew
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Canzano
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hintlian
    Richard and Anne Ockerbloom
    Peggy and Jack Roll
    Adrienne V. Tashjian
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Williams
  • $5,000-$9,999

    Daniel and Louise Ahearn
    Dr. Barry C. Dorn
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Fiore
    Friends of Winchester Hospital
    Dr. Richard Mazandi Iseke and Margaret Pothier
    Cathie and Dean Jackson
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. McCall, Jr.
    William J. McMillan
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Muggia
    Louise and Martin O'Donnell
    Allan G. Rodgers
    Salter HealthCare Services, Inc.
    Elizabeth Spiller
    Art and Jan Triglione
    Rick and Janice Weiner
    Winchester Hospital Medical and Allied Health Professionals
  • $2,500-$4,999

    Pam and Carl Boerner
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burke
    William and Audrey Caulfield
    Jan and Bud Coady
    In memory of Joan Marie Curran
    Phyllis and Paul Gleason
    Dr. Edward and Nancy Haley
    Mrs. James Hodgkins
    Mel and Judi Klein
    Eugenia W. and Nelson C. Lees
    Dr. Paul Radvany
    Kevin Smith and Molly Jenks
    Arthur and Stacey Waugh
  • $1,000-$2,499

    Sunny and Jon Adler
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Andrews
    John Atkinson
    Jean Berberian (Mrs. Paul J.)
    Mrs. Ann Blackham
    Michael H. Bresnahan, MD and Mrs. Maria Lopez-Bresnahan
    Maribeth and John Canning
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Caruso
    Dr. and Mrs. Leo Cass
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Cochrane
    Foster K. Cummings
    Judith and Henry Curtis, Jr.
    Christie and Cindy DeRosa
    Dr. and Mrs. Roman W. DeSanctis
    The Dohan Family
    Dr. Donald and Gale Druga
    Cynny and Mike Evanisko
    Flaherty-Mooney-O'Reilly Families
    Freeman and Susan Fraim
    Dr. Daniel and Beth Friedlander
    Ruth P. Geary
    Mary and Paul Gillespie
    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Grady
    Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hawley
    Mrs. Yu-Chi Hong-O'Rourke
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kelly
    Dr. and Mrs. T. Jack Lee
    Beverly Lembo and Family
    The Lodge Family
    Evelyn W. Mack
    In Memory of Michael Patrick McCarthy
    Antonio and Rosemarie Moda
    Frank and Lucia Moda
    Frank and Sherrill Moda
    Corie Nichols
    Stephen and Cecily Parkhurst
    Donald and Elizabeth Pease
    Pediatricians, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pharo
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Pollard
    Robby and Catharine Robertson
    Dr. Peter and Maureen Rotolo
    Maggie and John Russell
    Kathy and Frank Schuler
    Mary G. Slater
    Juliana Smith
    Mary Sweeney and John McInnis
    Joel Swets
    Dr. Joseph B. Taylor and Ms. Marie Brennan
    Mrs. Milton Trageser
    Marsha Tucker
    Dr. and Mrs. Frank R. Virnelli
    Matthew and Janet Woods
    Dr. Michael and Mrs. Amy Zaslow
  • $500-$999

    Jean and Michael Agati
    Richard and Barbara Bair
    Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop A. Baylies
    Mr. Robert P. Bigelow, Esq
    Tom and Pat Cantillon
    Thomas E. and Maryanne J. Cheney
    Peter and Vicky Coccoluto
    Robert F. Commito, MD
    Richard and Jane d'Entremont
    Walter and Barbara Dorsey

    Dowd Medical Associates Pediatrics and Gynecology
    Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ela, Jr.
    Deb and Jim Fiumedora
    Kimberly Q. Foley, RN
    Gail Forthoffer
    Richard H. Grueter
    Carolyn G. Harder
    Janice Houghton
    Dan Hritzay
    Dr. Mohammed Jaleel
    Marie Johnson
    Karen Keaney, RN
    Dr. Bob and Mrs. Ruth Kenerson
    June and David Klein
    Brian and Wendy LaPointe
    Steve and Kathy LaPointe
    Tom and Barbara LaPointe
    Michael LaSalandra
    Pamela B. Linzer
    The Lubin Family
    Buzz and William Marley
    Rosemary McCormack
    Joan L. Miller
    Dr. Robert O'Brien
    Cordelia M. Overhiser
    The Piantedosi Family
    Larry and Betty Pickering
    Steven C. Re
    Mr. and Mrs. John N. Rossettos
    Ms. Nancy Sachetti and Mr. Vincent Swiniuch
    John and Joanne Sexeny
    Ted and Mary Sullivan
    Berta J. Swanson
    Michael & Brenda Travaglini
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Wallace
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Marlene Williamson
    Howard Wolk

  • $250-$499

    Darius Ameri, MD
    Mary Ellen Armstrong, RN
    Stephen Boodakian
    Bismarck E. Cadet, MD
    Jackie and Tom Cail
    Ms. Emilie P. Carpenter
    Ms. Andrea A. Chase
    Linda A. Coyne
    Marion Crandall
    Nancy L. Cummings, RN
    Diane M. Doucette
    Richard and Wendy Fitzgerald
    Dr. Steven and Mrs. Harriet Friedman
    Harris Gibson, MD
    Ms. Louise Grueter
    Eric W. Hayden and Tove R. Hellerud
    Mrs. Patricia P. Hitchcock
    Karl Illinger
    Mr. and Mrs. John Innes
    Mr. and Mrs. Norman I. Jacobs
    Todd James
    John J. Johnston
    Julie Khuen
    Cynthia Latta
    The MacCaughey Family
    Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Marcus
    Mrs. Paulette Mason
    Ken and Agnes McCowan
    Estelle Devlin McDonough
    Ms. Sondra Miller
    Dorothy and Richard Mueller
    Elayne Nippe
    Olga and George O'Brien
    Frederick and Giovanna Olson
    Mary and Manny Paiva
    Heidi Papantonis
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rahmeier
    Ms. Lauren Reardon
    Donald and Lynn Robinson
    Irene Schneller
    Mr. Ramesh D. Sharma
    Ms. Deena Shriber
    Ms. Rosann M. Sillari
    David and Mary Spellman
    Kathleen A. Spinelli, RN
    Mr. and Mrs. James J. Sullivan
    Elinor and Kevin Thomas
    Julie Thurlow
    Diana K. Topjian
    Mr. John Waldron, Jr.
    Margaret J. Walsh
    Wayne H. Weinreb, MD
    Dr. Greg Weisz and Dr. Paula Fang
    Melanie, Mike and Stephanie Wilson
  • $100-$249

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Aiello
    Kerrin M. Albert
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Albiani
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Albiani
    Ruth S. Alla
    Ms. Nancy A. Allen
    James R. Aronson
    Laura E. Arvidson
    Gladys M. Ayvazian
    Mr. and Mrs. John Beaton
    Danielle C. Berube
    Oscar and Barbara Bing
    Robert Blaton
    Mr. Ralph H. Bonnell, Jr.
    Phyllis Bosinoff
    Sharon Bourassa, RN
    Norma Browinski
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burke
    Sumner and Sharon Burr
    Dianne L. Buttaro
    Joan and Dennis Byrne
    Caroline Callan
    Cislyn Campbell
    Karen Carpenter
    Kate Carroll
    Donna Cefalo
    K. Paul and Grace Chase
    Janice T Chisholm
    Nancy Cicciarella
    Jack and Linda Collins
    Mr. and Mrs. C. Ross Cook, Jr.
    Margaret L. Copithorne
    Jennifer Coplan and Bob Frank
    Dorothy A. Costa
    Sam and Ruth Covino
    Ms. Ann Craig
    David and Lisa Craig
    Mavis Curtis
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Wendy Czarnecki
    Debra Czerepica
    Kelly A. Debernardo
    Dorothy DeBlasi
    John and Mary Deislinger
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. d'Entremont
    Ms. Janice Depaulo 
    Mr. John Depaulo
    Carla E. Destramp
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Develis
    Mary Devine
    Ronald and Josephine Di Vincenzo
    Mr. Richard J. DiCenzo
    John and Mary DiRienzo
    Anne and Anthony DiSarcina
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Donnellan
    Mary J. Doucette
    Norman and Linda Doucette
    The Melvin A. DuLong Family
    Brenda Dutton
    Harry Emmons
    Ken Errico
    Paul D. Everberg
    Mrs. Lesley A. Fagone
    William and Marie Farrar
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ferlisi
    John and Elena Ferlisi
    The Ferrys
    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fiore
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Fitzgibbon
    A patient and good friend - C. Flaherty
    Kristin J. Foote
    Dr. Katie and Mr. Patrick Fortin
    Mike and Linda Fossier
    A friend
    Mr. and Mrs. William Gannon
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gearin
    Ann Gay Gilgun
    Barbara J. Glover
    Richard F. Godhino
    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford L. Gorham
    Mr. Gil Graham
    A grateful patient
    Brooke and Glenda Green
    Mr. and Mrs. Glen Green
    Jenelle Green, RN
    Heather Griffin
    David J. Gullbrand
    Margaret Hemmingsen
    Ms. Marlene Herlihy
    Mr. Paul Hermann
    Brianna T. Ho
    Dennis and Sandra Hogan
    Priscilla Houlihan
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Humber
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Hunt
    Doris and Howard Hunter
    Neil Hurley
    Barbara Iovaine
    Michelle L. Johnson, RN
    Michael Karagozie
    Monte I. Kaufman, MD and Janice Kaufman, MD
    Peter K. Kean
    Barbara A Kellegrew
    Mr. and Mrs. William Kennedy
    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Kenney, Jr
    Mr. and Mrs. James Kent
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kerman
    Prescott and Barbara Keyes
    Young and Eun Kim
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kingsbury
    Paula M. Kirk
    Harvey Korotkin
    Ms. Mary Kupjian
    Karen T. LaCava
    Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Lamson
    Mr. John G. Landers
    Anne Lang
    Ms. Mary M. Lawson
    Marie Leonard
    Desiree Letillier
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Levis
    Anna and Joseph Lionetta
    Hugh and Elizabeth Logue
    Karen Lomanno, RN
    Christine Loomis
    Lyssa MacCaughey
    Mark A. Macklis, MD
    Ellen and Donald MacMullin
    Mr. and Mrs. John MacPhail
    Ms. Patricia M. Maher and Ms. Lorriane Gallo
    Ms. Rosemary Maida
    Ms. Irene F. Mangano
    Dr. Miriam Marecek
    Dennis and Elena Markovitz
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Mastrodicasa
    Mr. Thomas P. Mc Clearn
    Mercedes B. McCauley
    Tom McGrath
    Joan R. McKinnon
    Sheila E. McMahon
    Ann M. McMullen
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. McVicar
    Kieran and Judythe Meagher
    Ms. Patricia Meagher
    Mr. and Mrs. William F. McGinty
    Mr. Benny J. Melaragni
    Kenneth and Frances Miller
    John P. Mohrbacher
    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Moore
    Marjorie Moore
    Cynthia C. Morse
    Kathy Moulton
    Jean R. Mullins
    Kevin and Susan Murphy
    Kathy and Mick Mutti
    Marion P. Nee
    Peter E. Nestor
    Ruth Nickerson
    Kathleen Norton-Hollohan
    Mr. and Mrs Frank R. Occhiuti
    Geraldine O'Connell
    James Panagopoulos
    Alice E. Penney
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Percoco
    Mr. Charles H. Perenick
    Nancy and Ralph Perkins
    Charles and Jane Pigott
    John and Teresa Pisacreta
    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Plansky
    Grace Pompilio-Weitzner
    Alexander Popp
    Sue and Steve Powers
    William A. Previdi
    Chrissie Quill, RN
    Khether Raby, MD
    Alfa Joy Radford
    Ms. Rose Reardon
    Michelle M. Reboulet
    Mr. John J. Regan, Jr.
    Julie A. Richter
    Anne L. Ring
    Ms. Mary Jean Robison
    John Ryder
    Mrs. Priscilla L. Samoiloff
    Patricia Scanlon
    James Schuyler
    Esther B. Seferian
    Leslie Selvitella and John J. Flaherty
    Judy and Frank Shaw
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Siracusa
    Mr. and Mrs. Ira Slakter
    Judy A. Smith
    Martha S. Smith
    Sheryl Smith
    Jerome Somers
    The Spanos Family
    Jennifer R. Spanos
    Mr. Frank Spinale
    Mr. Robert M. Spitzler
    Kathy Stacy
    Dr. John J. Sullivan
    Bill and Gail Surette
    Frank and Ann Suskind
    Nancy Sutherland
    Mr. and Mrs. John H. Sweeney
    Alison M. Taber
    Jeanne Tedesco
    Jean and Dan Test
    Mr. Noel Thyson
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Tiffany
    Mr. Edward Tonello and Mrs. Judy Myhra-Tonello
    Mr. and Mrs. Sarkis Toomajian
    Bettina Trabucco
    Mr. and Mrs. Jules A. Vaudo, Jr.
    Tayla Ward
    Mr. Richard Webb
    Hanora and Steven Welsh
    Ms. Mary L. White
    Mr. and Mrs. David Wildman
    Christi Young-Leavitt
    Ms. Jane Yusen

Memorial Giving

Memorial gifts to Winchester Hospital honor the memory of someone who has passed away. Memorial gifts provide an opportunity to show sympathy to a family by doing something to benefit others.

We will notify the family of the person in whose memory your gift was made.

Home Care Services

At every stage of life and for every medical need, Winchester Home Care can help, with home care services for people facing challenges of later life stages, with new babies, with disabilities, fighting illnesses, and more.

Emergency Services

Emergency care at Winchester Hospital is stronger than ever. We offer the latest technology, medical care and pediatric services through a partnership with specialists from Boston Children’s Hospital.

Rehabilitation Services

Winchester Hospital offers a variety of rehabilitation services – including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation as well as physical, occupational and speech therapy – to help you get back to your normal routine.