Childbirth & Baby Care

Having a baby is one of life’s special moments, and knowing what to expect can make the experience even more wonderful. Winchester Hospital offers a variety of classes on prepared childbirth, newborn, sibling and prenatal care classes.

Childbirth & Baby
Care Classes

Here are summaries of the childbirth and baby care classes offered by Winchester Hospital. Register online for any of our classes.

For more information regarding childbirth and parenting education classes, please call The Center for Healthy Living at Winchester Hospital at 781-756-4702.

For reimbursement of prenatal education fees, please check with your health insurance company. A receipt/letter of confirmation will be forwarded upon request.

Prepared Childbirth & Newborn Care Classes

These classes are scheduled according to your due date. Please register by your fifth month of pregnancy.

  • Prepared Childbirth Series: Meets once a week for five weeks. Assists expectant parents in preparing for labor and birth, including third trimester changes, labor support, stages of labor and comfort measures. Relaxation and breathing techniques are practiced weekly. All classes include a tour of the maternity unit at Winchester Hospital.

  • All Day Prepared Childbirth Class: Classes are held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. This intensive class is designed to meet the needs of expectant parents in one day. The focus is on labor processes, including relaxation and breathing techniques. All classes include a tour of the maternity unit.

  • Online Childbirth Class: For many expecting parents, traditional childbirth classes do not fit their hectic and demanding lifestyles. This class allows expecting parents to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their home. For more information, or to purchase your access code to the online childbirth program, please call The Center for Healthy Living at Winchester Hospital at 781-756-4700. 

    If you have purchased an access code, click here to enter your access code and begin the class.

  • Hypnosis for Birthing: Any anxiety or fear of birthing is removed with direct and indirect suggestion and visuals for a natural birth experience. Self-hypnosis is taught and the session is tape recorded so the patient may listen to it after for reinforcement. Individual sessions are available by appointment by calling 781-756-4700.

Baby Care Classes

  • Care of the Newborn: Teaches parenting skills necessary to comfortably care for your new baby. Topics include: Infants' characteristics, behavior, needs, safety, diapering, bathing and feeding. 

  • Breastfeeding: Provides education and support for women who plan to breastfeed. The focus is on problem-solving, practical information and tips to promote a successful breastfeeding experience. If you are undecided about which feeding method you want to use with your infant, this class will help you make an informed decision. Tips on breast pumps, storing breast milk and weaning will be discussed. Coaches are encouraged to attend.

For Siblings 

Sibling Class: Prepares children for the arrival of their new sibling. Children will see the nursery and a room like mom will be staying in. They will make a "Welcome Home" banner for the new baby. Discussion focuses on safety and how siblings can help care for baby. Classes are offered at the hospital for children ages 3 - 7. 

Maternity Tours

We offer two tours of the maternity unit on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The first tour of the day begins at 6 p.m. and second at 7 p.m. Both depart from the hospital’s main lobby. Registration is required, so please click here to sign up for the tour. At the start of the tour, one of our staff members will greet you, show you through the unit and answer questions for you and your family.

Products and Services

Please call for more information on the following products and services:

  • Breast pump sale/rentals and maternity bras: 781-756-4788 
  • Lactation consultation: 781-756-4788 
  • Nutrition consultation: 781-756-2600