Staying Active During Your Cancer Care

The Winchester Hospital Cancer Rehabilitation program works to help you stay active during your cancer care by establishing exercise to improve or maintain range-of-motion and strength, activities of daily living.

We help you manage cancer-related fatigue by helping you continue activity at the right level, and at the right time. Our goal is to improve your overall safety and minimize the common cancer treatment-related impairments that many cancer survivors experience.

For people living with cancer, exercise may boost your body’s tolerance to cancer treatment, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery.

About Our Center for Cancer Care

Winchester Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care offers the highest level of clinical expertise combined with the utmost compassion and respect for the individual needs and privacy of patients and their families.

We understand how important it is for people with cancer to have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic services as well as expert, experienced care at every stage of treatment. That’s why we provide a collaborative, personalized approach to care, close to home.

Our multidisciplinary approach means you will have a team of caregivers working together to tailor your cancer treatment in the most effective way possible.

Winchester Hospital’s Center for Cancer Care is located at 620 Washington Street in Winchester. The center’s main phone number is 781-756-5000. Learn more about our state-of-the-art center.

Specialized Rehabilitation Programs

Winchester Hospital/Orthopaedics Plus offers these specialized programs related to cancer rehabilitation:

  • Post-Breast Surgery Rehabilitation Services – Our experienced staff members offer specialized services to help reduce post-surgical complications, restore normal function and mobility of the shoulders, neck, arm and other areas of the body affected by breast surgery. Learn about breast care services at Winchester Hospital

  • Lymphedema Services – We have expert staff that can help patients suffering from abnormal swelling after surgery and educate patients on how to manage an often chronic condition. Treatment includes hands-on therapy, exercise, instruction on manual lymph drainage, and skin care to reduce swelling and prevent recurrence.

Maternity Services

Winchester Hospital is recognized as one of the area’s most prominent obstetric hospitals, offering a 24-hour laborist program and a Special Care Nursery for newborns in need of specialized medical care.

DAISY Award for Nursing

At Winchester Hospital, we honor our nurses through the DAISY Award program, a nationally recognized award given to nurses for their professionalism and patient-centered care.