Cardiac & Pulmonary Services

Your heart and your lungs are intimately connected, and the health of one of these organs can have a major impact on the other. At Winchester Hospital, we provide expert care for both.

Patient Care at Its Very Best

Many people with heart or lung problems first encounter Winchester Hospital through our Emergency Department. In an emergency involving your heart or your breathing, you can be assured you are in expert hands.

If you need hospitalization while your heart or lung problem is being treated, Winchester Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic, medical, surgical and specialty services. The physicians on our medical staff represent all medical specialties, and many are affiliated with Boston’s finest academic medical centers.

Our investment in advanced technology includes the recent addition of 16 telemetry beds, which continuously monitor patients' heart rates and rhythms. If a patient develops cardiac problems, the technology alerts staff members immediately so the patient can receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Winchester Hospital now has a total of 87 telemetry beds, which has enhanced our capabilities to care for patients recovering from heart- or lung-related events, at risk of such events and experiencing ongoing problems as a result.

Find a doctor who specializes in cardiac and pulmonary care.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

After a heart attack or other heart problem, many people need cardiac rehabilitation. Winchester Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program can help improve your heart health and get you back to the activities and lifestyle you enjoy – with confidence and security.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is more than just a place to exercise. Our center offers a safe place for re-entry into your previous exercise regimen or the beginnings of learning how exercise can improve your heart health.

This is done with highly trained staff including a registered nurse, respiratory therapist, exercise physiologist and oversight from a medical director who is board certified in cardiology.

Our structured program provides monitoring of vital signs and a strong education component designed to help you achieve a healthy level of cardiac fitness following bypass surgery, cardiac catheterization with angioplasty or stent placement, heart attack, stable angina and more.

Winchester Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is located at the Family Medical Center, 500 Salem Street, Route 62, in Wilmington. Learn more.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation 

If you are experiencing breathing problems, Winchester Hospital’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program can help. The program offers rehabilitation care for anyone who has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis pre- and post-surgery after a diagnosis of lung cancer, and more.

During your rehabilitation, you are closely supervised by our qualified staff including a respiratory therapist, a registered nurse, an exercise physiologist and oversight from a medical director who is board certified in pulmonary medicine.

Oxygen saturation levels and heart rate are carefully monitored. You are given personal exercise guidelines. Our focus is on proving a safe level of exercise along with education and support to achieve your best level of fitness possible on an individual basis

Winchester Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center is located at the Family Medical Center, 500 Salem Street, Route 62, in Wilmington. Learn more.

Heart Failure Program

Heart failure happens when the heart is unable to deliver enough blood and nutrients to meet the body’s needs. According to the American Heart Association, heart failure is the most rapidly growing cardiovascular disorder in the U.S., affecting 4.9 million people and responsible for 555,000 new cases annually. 

Winchester Hospital offers a free Outpatient Heart Failure Program to help care for and educate people with heart failure, and to identify worsening symptoms as early as possible. 

Learn more about the Heart Failure Program.

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