Low Dose CT for Lung Cancer Screening

Screening for High-Risk PatientsCT-Scan_2013.jpg

Are you concerned about your lung cancer risk? Winchester Hospital has designed a low-dose chest CT protocol for high-risk patients who wish to be screened for lung cancer.

Recent research has shown a 20% decrease in lung cancer deaths among high-risk patients who were screened yearly with low-dose CT scans of the chest when compared to patients screened with standard chest radiographs.

Download Winchester Hospital's brochure on Low Dose CT Scans.


  • Age 55-74
  • Thirty or more pack year history of smoking (pack year = packs per day multiplied by the number of years smoked)
  • Former smoker with above history
  • Ability to lie on back with arms raised above head


  • History of lung cancer or prior lung resection
  • Unexplained weight loss greater than 15 pounds in the 12 months prior to screening
  • Recent pneumonia or respiratory infection treated with antibiotics within 12 weeks prior
  • Recent hemoptysis (coughing up blood)
  • Treatment for or evidence of any other cancer in the past 5 years

How to Schedule Your Low Dose CT Exam

To schedule a CT exam, call Winchester Hospital’s centralized scheduling office at 781-756-2211 and press 2. CT scans are scheduled seven days a week and on weekends and evenings.

Winchester Hospital offers CT scans at these two locations:

Winchester Hospital Outpatient Center at Unicorn Park
200 Unicorn Park Drive, Suite 402, Woburn, Massachusetts
Phone: 781-756-4008
Fax: 781-756-4090
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Winchester Hospital
41 Highland Avenue Winchester, Massachusetts
Phone: 781-756-2342
Fax: 781-756-2986
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Cost of Screening

Currently, most if not all insurance carriers do not cover the cost of chest CT screening. In order to be effective at detecting cancer and reducing mortality, screening is recommended on an annual basis. The charge of $200, payable at the time of service, includes both examination and radiologist interpretation fees.

Learn More

We want you to feel comfortable and informed about your exam. To learn more about the low dose CT screening exam, contact the Oncology Navigator at 781-756-5058.

To read more about the benefits of quitting smoking, the risks of the exam and other considerations, download our brochure Lung Cancer Screening: Using Low Dose CT.