Special Care Nursery

For Babies Needing Special Care

Sometimes newborn babies need some extra care – and that’s why Winchester Hospital's Special Care Nursery is here for your baby and your family.

Since 1988, Winchester Hospital's Level IIB Special Care Nursery has provided skilled and compassionate care to babies needing the specialized care.

More than 300 babies, including those born at Winchester Hospital and those born in the greater Boston area, are admitted to our 16-bed Special Care Nursery each year.

Our goal is to provide babies with high-quality nursing and medical care specific to their needs and to prepare families to take them home.

Advanced Procedures and Technology

Advanced neonatal procedures and technology for babies in the Level IIB Special Care Nursery are provided by experienced, board-certified neonatologists on the medical staff of Winchester Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital.

Neonatologists provide prenatal consultation to prepare families for the management of high-risk babies as well as care for them after delivery. These expert physicians and nurses work with the mother and family to provide support and consultation for what can be an extremely stressful time for families.

Find an obstetrician/gynecologist on the Winchester Hospital medical staff.

Lifesaving Technology

At Winchester Hospital, a dozen new neonatal monitors are equipped with advanced blood oxygen reading capabilities as well as remote controls, to allow nurses to get the information they need without disturbing the infant. The new monitors ensure a continuous flow of information into the baby’s electronic medical records, allowing departments and caregivers to share real-time information.

A new infant warmer design provides enhanced comfort for babies, as well as increased access in case resuscitation or other lifesaving measures are needed. An OmniBed for newborns at the highest risk minimized external factors such as light as noise, promoting a healing environment during this vulnerable time in a baby’s life.

Integrative Therapies

To complement our excellent medical and surgical services, Winchester Hospital offers alternative therapies, including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, yoga and more.

Emergency Services

Emergency care at Winchester Hospital is stronger than ever. We offer the latest technology, medical care and pediatric services through a partnership with specialists from Boston Children’s Hospital.