Heart Failure Program

A Special Outpatient Program

Winchester Hospital offers an Outpatient Heart Failure Program for people discharged from Winchester Hospital with a diagnosis of heart failure.

Heart failure is a chronic, progressive syndrome that happens when the heart is unable to deliver enough blood and nutrients to meet the body’s needs. According to the American Heart Association, heart failure is the most rapidly growing cardiovascular disorder in the U.S.

Goals of the Program

The goals of the Outpatient Heart Failure Program are to:
  • Provide outpatient cardiac care for people with heart failure 
  • Serve as a liaison between the physician’s office, long-term care facilities and Winchester Hospital 
  • Provide education, early identification and intervention of worsening heart failure symptoms 
  • Provide close follow-up of heart failure management 
  • Enhance quality care and patient satisfaction 

Eligible patients may be referred for outpatient follow-up care by a home care nurse, staff nurse, case management coordinator, primary care physician, cardiologist, hospitalist or emergency department physician.

Program Components

Participants in the program will receive:
  • Educational materials and tools
  • Periodic, scheduled telephone follow-up calls by the heart failure nurse, consisting of education related to heart failure and advice for self-management 
  • Assist with physician contact if any problems arise
  • Help in connecting with important services such as cardiac rehabilitation, nutrition counseling, diabetes education and home care

The Outpatient Heart Failure Program is offered to patients who are discharged from Winchester Hospital with heart conditions.

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