HMR Program

Our Award-Winning HMR® Weight Management Program              

Our award–winning HMR® weight management program has been helping people lose weight and keep it off since 1987, and we have been a part of Winchester Hospital since 1999.

Registered Dietitians and other health professionals provide a comprehensive approach to weight loss.

  • Enjoy a motivating rate of weight loss through a highly-structured program.
  • Weekly education classes taught by Registered dietitians
  • Diet plans tailored to your needs
  • Long-term support for maintaining weight loss

Free Monthly Information Sessions

Meet the staff, get a complete overview of the program and sample the HMR food. To receive more information and register for the next information session, please call 781-396-6221, ext. 1, or email

What Is So Different About Our Approach? Everything!

The real magic of the program is what happens after the diet is over. Instead of hopeful talk, promises and good ideas, we’ll work hard with you to create specific, highly detailed and achievable plans for success every day.

Your plans will include simple, healthy lifestyle strategies that will help you keep weight off…while enjoying a better quality of life. If you have lost weight before, but haven’t been able to keep it off, try the program that has helped people lose weight for 25 years.

Choose the Diet Option That Works Best For You

  • Decision Free Diet – The fastest way to lose weight. Choose from a variety of nutritious HMR shakes, multigrain cereal, soup, pudding and entrees.
  • Healthy Solutions Diet – Lose weight by combing the HMR shakes, multigrain cereal, soup, pudding and entrees with vegetables and fruits.

Both diet plans include weekly education classes that provide support, accountability and follow-up from our team of registered dietitians.

HMR At Home

Lose weight on your own at home with a HMR diet kit. The kit includes all of the HMR foods and support materials you will need to be successful. An optional weekly weigh-in with a registered dietitian can help you stay on track to meet your weight loss goals.

For more information about HMR food options, click here.

Simple and Easy

That is why HMR diets work. We understand that losing weight is difficult. HMR diets are simple and effective because you don’t have to think about what to eat, or how much. They are decision free. Your meals are filling, healthy and ready in minutes. There are no counting calories, carbs or anything else. All that work has been done for you.

Join us at one of our free information sessions to learn more.

Integrative Therapies

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Sleep Disorders Center

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