Winton Club

Supporting Winchester Hospital for a Century

The Winton Club was started in 1911 by 23 women hoping to make a difference in the community through philanthropic activities to support Winchester Hospital. Throughout the years, The Winton Club has donated funds for many important and innovative services and equipment.

To date, this women’s group has contributed about $3 million to Winchester Hospital. In addition, Winton Club members volunteer over 5,000 hours of in-hospital service each year, in addition to many hundreds of hours outside the hospital.

About the Much-Loved Cabaret

Since 1921, The Winton Club has sponsored an annual Cabaret to benefit Winchester Hospital. The performance is managed completely by volunteer Winton Club members and supported by a volunteer cast including area residents and hospital personnel.

The Cabaret is enjoyed by audiences from throughout the surrounding communities. Thousands attend the performance during its five-night run, and it is truly the talk of the town for weeks beforehand. The Cabaret is presented each January.

Supporting the Hospital Gift Shop

Year-round fundraising by The Winton Club is done through the management of the Winton Gift Shop, located in the lobby of Winchester Hospital. 

Members of The Winton Club serve on the Board for the shop in the roles of buyers, treasurer, publicity, and the Gift Shop chair and assistant chair. These women run the shop in all regards, with additional volunteers from the club assisting in the shop as needed.

Club Members

Winton Club members live and work in Winchester and in many nearby communities, and come from all walks of life. There are young members and seasoned members, new members and service members.

They are unique individuals, but they all share an enthusiasm and a commitment to Winchester Hospital and The Winton Club. This common thread weaves together women of diverse backgrounds and interests, creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Mission Statement

The Winton Club’s mission statement is: “To exclusively support Winchester Hospital as a dedicated and diverse women’s nonprofit organization committed to providing various volunteer services and programs for the benefit of the hospital.”

Become a Club Member

If you are interested in becoming a Winton Club member, please send an email to

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Giving to Winchester Hospital

We invite you to join the countless individuals who have supported Winchester Hospital over the years. Learn more about the many ways you can give and make a difference in the lives of our patients.

Volunteer Opportunities

At Winchester Hospital, adult, junior and college student volunteers serve in a wide variety of roles, providing essential assistance to patients, employees and visitors.

DAISY Award for Nursing

At Winchester Hospital, we honor our nurses through the DAISY Award program, a nationally recognized award given to nurses for their professionalism and patient-centered care.