Writing as Healing: Cancer Survivor Offers Writing Workshop


Cancer Survivor Offers Writing Workshop

Writing as Healing: Cancer Survivor Offers Writing Workshop

The Winchester Hospital Center for Cancer Care is hosting a free, four-week writing workshop this summer for center patients. “Writing as Healing” is led by acclaimed poet and writer Moira Linehan, who is volunteering her services and expertise after receiving treatment at the Center for Cancer Care. Linehan feels writing can be beneficial to patients.

“It is a small gesture to express my appreciation for the care and attention I received at Winchester Hospital throughout my treatment,” said Linehan. “They always made me feel as if I were the only person there.”

Linehan will offer participants writing prompts and suggestions and encourage them to begin the day’s project in the workshop session and then continue it at home. Participants will also be welcome to share their writings with each other in successive sessions.

Through her own experience with cancer—from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship, Linehan found that there were distinct therapeutic qualities to the process of writing. With that understanding, she launched this writing workshop.

“We all heal differently. No two people are the same, and no two people deal with a cancer diagnosis in the same way. Along with other options, such as support groups, yoga and massage therapy, writing offers people another tool to deal with their diagnosis.”

Linehan has been a full-time writer for 20 years. She used writing to help her process her grief over the loss of her husband and again when she battled breast cancer. Her surgery started her thinking about the word “margins,” and she began to explore the many different meanings of the word. From these reflections, she wrote a collection of poetry, Incarnate Grace, published in 2015.

“My goal [with this workshop] is to have cancer patients experience the possibilities of writing as healing.”

Writing as Healing begins Thursday, Aug. 25 and runs every Thursday through Sept. 15.. Classes take place from 2-4 p.m. at the Center for Cancer Care located at 620 Washington St., Winchester. The fall session begins November 10.

For more information or to register, please contact Lorri Kimball, LICSW, Center for Cancer Care at lkimball@winhosp.org or 781.756.5072.