Patients, Families Offer Ways to Enhance Hospital Experience

Founded in 2010, Winchester Hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, a volunteer group of patients, family members of patients, clinicians and administrators, meets bimonthly with the goal of improving the hospital’s programs and overall quality and safety.

The 16-member Council recommends improvements to hospital operations; enhances communications and marketing materials for patients; strengthens patient education programs; reviews patient satisfaction results and offers suggestions for improving the patient experience; and provides feedback on the hospital’s space planning.

This past year the group focused on decreasing noise on inpatient units which can be disturbing to recovering patients.

The Council recommended a complete evaluation of all equipment alarms and as a result, unnecessary alarms were identified and eliminated. Staff also identified ways to reduce other sources of noise on the units. The result – a better patient experience.

“By engaging patients, family members and staff in ongoing communication, we maintain a focus on continually improving the patient- and family-centered care for which our community hospital has been known throughout its 100-year history,” said Kathy Schuler, chief nursing officer and vice president of Patient Care Services.

For more information, or to become a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please call (781) 756-2216.