Committed to Improvement

Our Passion for Doing Things Better

Winchester Hospital has a strong ongoing commitment to improvement in all we do. Despite our many awards and recognition, we recognize that there are always ways to do things better, more efficiently and more safely.

Our patients benefit from improvements in safety and in the care we deliver. And our community as a whole benefits from efficiencies and cost savings and the investments we make in programs and facilities. That’s because as a nonprofit hospital, any surplus funds after expenses are used to expand and enhance the health care services we provide. We aim to offer care anchored in the most updated evidence-based guidelines and best practices.

Here are some examples of the many improvement initiatives taking place at Winchester Hospital:

  • As part of ongoing renovations in the Laboratory, staff from the Laboratory Department are using concepts from Lean Methodology in an effort to improve efficiencies in their department. The work being done will create more efficient design and workflows and reduce waste.
  • The Emergency Department is working collaboratively with an inpatient unit and piloting a new patient handoff process. This new process optimizes the use of critical data in the Electronic Medical Record and will improve throughput as well as nurse and patient satisfaction.
  • The Infection Prevention Specialists at Winchester Hospital have implemented best practices for hand hygiene compliance and other infection control measures which are critical in keeping our staff and patients safe.

Sleep Disorders Center

Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Winchester Hospital’s full-service Sleep Disorders Center diagnoses and treats patients suffering from all types of sleep-related problems.

Wound Healing

A wound that won’t heal can be more than an annoyance. It can mean another day of pain and discomfort. But the physicians and nurses at Winchester Hospital’s Wound Healing Center can help.

Weight Management

Winchester Hospital is committed to providing the most effective weight management programs and, when appropriate, the most advanced treatment for weight loss surgery.