Professional Practice Model

Our Nursing Professional Practice Model

The Nursing Professional Practice Model is a cornerstone of nursing care at Winchester Hospital. Our vision is to provide exemplary nursing care within a professional practice environment.

This goal aligns with our hospital mission: To Care. To Heal. To Excel. In service to the community. Our values are defined by caring, continuity, collaboration, clinical expertise and professionalism.

As a community of caring, we strive to:

  • Care for the whole person, ourselves and others in mind, body and spirit in the true essence of nursing
  • Maintain a current knowledge base in our areas of specialty
  • Utilize strategies such as caring occurrences/occasions, critical thinking and clinical inquiry to coordinate all aspects of patient care
  • Hold a human caring stance in regard to people with health/illness concerns by advocating for the patients/families across the continuum of care
  • Promote a shared decision-making environment which supports mentoring and professional nurse advancement
  • Collaborate with all members of the health care team
  • Support professional nursing practice based on current theory, standards, evidence-based practice and research.

Winchester Hospital supports nurses as they continue their nursing education. The Professional Nurse Advancement Program provides a framework to recognize excellent nursing practice, nursing autonomy, and shared decision-making while fostering staff development and mentoring. It supports evidence-based practice and the integration of research findings into practice