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Through a partnership with Shields Health Care Group, Winchester Hospital offers the latest in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology. The partnership provides you with cost-effective, high-quality imaging services in your backyard.
The new MRI suite, located at the hospital's new outpatient center in Woburn, features a Seimens 1.5T magnet and 3.0T magnet, which ensure the highest quality and clarity of images. The large, open bore design accommodates all patients and helps reduce anxiety and claustrophobia. The center was designed to provide a comfortable environment with natural outdoor lighting via the exterior windows, laser imagery to simulate a skylight ceiling and peripheral music. You may have a friend or family member sit with you during the exam.
Winchester Hospital offers MRIs at:
  • Winchester Hospital Outpatient Center at Unicorn Park, 200 Unicorn Park Drive, Suite 402, Woburn, Massachusetts. Get directions.

About MRI Exams

The human body is made up of millions of atoms, which are magnetic. MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves together with a computer to create cross-sectional, three-dimensional pictures.
During your exam, many images will be obtained. These images, made available on our state-of-the-art picture archiving and communications system (PACS), will help us and your physician determine the best course of treatment for you. The procedure does not involve radiation.

About MRI Breast Exams and MRI Breast Biopsy 

An MRI of the breast is not a replacement for mammography or ultrasound imaging, but rather is a supplemental tool for detecting and staging breast cancer and other breast abnormalities. The exam can be performed in less than an hour.
MRI breast biopsy is an outpatient procedure requiring only a local anesthetic to numb the biopsy site. It involves removing some tissue with a hollow needle, and the specimen is sent to the laboratory for processing. It can be completed within one hour. Pre-examination instructions are outlined for you by a member of our nursing staff.

Scheduling an MRI

To schedule a MRI, call our office at 800-258-4674. MRI exams require a physician’s order at the time of booking. You may be required to have pre-authorization from your insurance carrier prior to your exam. Please check with your insurance company. 

What to Expect During an MRI Exam

Once in the exam room, the technologist will ask you to lie down on a cushioned table, which will automatically move into the magnet after you have been comfortably positioned for scanning. The technologist will leave the room, but you will be in constant contact with him/her throughout the entire exam.
We offer earphones so you can listen to music. You can bring a CD of your choice to listen to while you have your exam. 
When the MRI exam begins, you will hear a muffled thumping sound that will last for several minutes. Other than sound, you should experience no other sensation during scanning.
Certain MRI exams require an intravenous injection of a contrast dye that helps to enhance certain structures. We recommend drinking fluids the day prior to your examination scheduled. If you have a known kidney problem, inform the staff prior to the exam. Patients are allowed to eat unless otherwise instructed.
Since there are no side effects or after effects with MRI exams, even if you have an injection, you can resume your normal activities as soon as your exam is completed.

Getting Your Results 

Your exam will be interpreted by a radiologist using our state-of-the-art picture archiving and communication system (PACS). The results will then be sent to your doctor. Your doctor, in turn, will review the results with you to determine the best course of treatment.


State-of-the-Art Cancer Care

Our Center for Cancer Care at 620 Washington Street in Winchester offers a full range of coordinated cancer treatment services, together in one location, with an onsite nurse navigator to offer help and guidance.


Breast Care Center

Winchester Hospital's Breast Care Center is fully accredited as an ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, offering digital mammography, breast biopsies and on-site surgeons, radiologists and oncologists.


Robotic Surgery

Winchester Hospital offers the state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgical system for minimally invasive surgery, allowing most patients to go home within 24 hours of surgery, experience less pain and recover faster.