After Your Delivery

Once you have recovered, you will be transferred to the Mother Baby Unit, also on the second floor, where you are encouraged to have your baby in the room with you. Research shows it is best for you and your baby to stay together in the same room.

Parent-newborn interactions are vital to your newborn’s development. During this time together you get to know your baby’s unique personality and needs, and caregivers are there to assist and support you.

Under normal circumstances, you will have a private room. We provide cots for your support person to spend the night, if desired. On occasion, because of the number of women in labor, we may have to utilize our semiprivate rooms.

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Inpatient Lactation Service

All our nurses are capable and qualified to assist and support you with breastfeeding. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are available to provide information, answer questions and offer one-on-one assistance to patients requiring more comprehensive assistance and support. It is expected that all breastfeeding mothers will attend one of the breastfeeding classes while in the hospital.

Visiting Hours

Review our updated visitor policy and hours.

We recommend limiting visitors while in the hospital to allow you and your newborn to recover. This time is also important for you to bond and learn how to care for yourself and your newborn prior to going home. We recommend you plan a quiet time each day and ask visitors not to come during that time.

Siblings are welcome to visit you and your baby in the hospital when accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. To ensure you and your baby have adequate time to bond and receive care, no siblings are allowed to remain at the hospital under your supervision alone. Additionally, for the health and safety of all our families, no children are allowed to spend the night.

Visitors should be free of any illnesses (colds, flu, contagious diseases, etc.). It is very important that anyone who touches the baby should first wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, or uses a hand sanitizer. Some advice to give children when they are washing is to sing the Happy Birthday song to themselves and wash until the song ends. By doing this, they are washing for a long enough period of time to kill any germs.

Stork Dinner to Celebrate

This joyful occasion is cause for celebration! You can do that right here by ordering a gourmet dinner for two served in the privacy of your room. There is a charge for this meal. Please ask your diet aide for more information. We recommend you order this meal in the morning on the day before you are discharged.