Home and Not Alone Service

Support for Parents and Baby

Home and Not Alone is an innovative program designed to offer support, baby care education, and physical assessment of you and your baby.

If you choose to be discharged early, you may have the option for a visit by a registered nurse from our Winchester Home Care Department, who will assist you in your transition at home with your baby.

All of our nurses are trained in the area of newborn health. The home visit may include the following care.

For the mother:
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Weight checks
  • Assistance with bottle feeding and breastfeeding
  • Assessment of postpartum recovery and nutrition
  • Newborn care and instruction
  • Community resource referrals
For the baby:
  • Weight checks
  • Physical assessment
  • Feeding assessment
  • Phototherapy blood work for infants with jaundice

If your insurance company does not provide follow-up care, you may receive this service on a self-pay basis. We hope these services will help you make this a happy and healthy time for you and your family.

For more information, call Winchester Home Care at 781-756-2488.

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Outpatient Lactation Services

Please call 781-756-4788 for an appointment with a board-certified lactation consultant and RN to address general breastfeeding concerns and issues. The Outpatient Lactation Center is located at the Center for Healthy Living. Insurance is accepted.

Other Lactation Support

The Nursing Mothers' Support Group provides a forum for newly breastfeeding mothers to communicate with each other and offer help. Call 781-756-4788 for more information.