Primary Care

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As a community hospital, Winchester Hospital places special emphasis on primary care and offers a wide variety of programs and services to support this important aspect of health care.

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is medical care that is performed
by a personal physician – such as a family doctor, internist or pediatrician – who collaborates when necessary with other medical professionals and coordinates a person's care.

Primary care involves preventing disease or illness, promoting healthy lifestyles, diagnosing and treating health problems, and educating and counseling patients.

At Winchester Hospital, the impressive skills and experience of our primary care providers PCPs) is matched by our hospital's commitment to have the very best health care services available to them and their patients. These services include:
  • Award-winning hospital care when patients need it
  • Virtually any outpatient service a patient may need – such as imaging tests, blood draws and rehabilitation services – in convenient locations throughout the communities north of Boston served by Winchester Hospital
  • An extensive range of health education programs to help patients manage an illness or condition or stay healthy
  • The Winchester Hospital provider referral line, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at 1-866-946-4677 (1-866-WIN-HOSP), to help you find the right doctor

Find a primary care physician who treats adults on the Winchester Hospital medical staff.

Find a pediatrician on the Winchester Hospital medical staff.

Primary Care Providers (PCPs)

Several medical specialties are considered to be primary care. They include:
  • Family Medicine – Family Medicine specialists, also called family physicians, provide primary care to adults and children of all ages.
  • Internal Medicine – Internal Medicine specialists, also called internists, specialize in adult medicine, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions that mainly affect adults.
  • Pediatricians – Physicians who specialize in pediatric medicine deliver care to children only, usually from birth until about age 18.

Our Network of Providers

Winchester Hospital is proud to offer easy access to a network of physicians who are committed to empowering patients to proactively manage their health and wellbeing. We provide the clinical expertise, information and options they need to make choices about the care they and their families need.

Our network of primary care doctors includes:
  • Clinically distinguished, board-certified clinicians trained at the nation's foremost medical schools
  • Internists with advanced expertise in cardiology, orthopedics, endocrinology and other specialties
  • Family medicine physicians who have completed advanced training in a spectrum of clinical disciplines including pediatric care, adolescent medicine, obstetrics and gynecology and geriatric care
  • Office-based technology and innovation to assure patients have easy access to state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment modalities for myriad health issues

Selecting a Physician

Winchester Hospital's primary care network extends through more than a dozen communities north of Boston, and we can help you select the physician who is right for you. Our trained staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to help you evaluate your options based on your unique needs and preferences.

Consider the following when selecting a provider:
  • Practice area – Are you looking for a family physician, an internal medicine physician or pediatrician?
  • Special expertise – Do you have a chronic illness or risk factors that would lead you to request a physician with advanced training or expertise in a particular area?
  • Location – Convenient location can be crucial to having a valued and effective relationship with your primary care provider.
  • Hours and Availability – Do you need to see someone soon? Do you want a practice that offers evening and weekend hours?

These are just a few of the considerations that can help you evaluate your options and determine the best primary care provider for your needs.

Call 1-866-946-4677 (1-866-WIN-HOSP) for help in finding a provider who is right for you.

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