Helping You Recover Hand Strength

The Occupational Hand Therapy Department at Winchester Hospital/Orthopaedics Plus is staffed by experienced occupational therapists. Typical diagnoses referred to our facility are tendon injuries, fractures or surgical procedures of the hand or elbow, cumulative stress injuries, splint or brace fabrication and arthritis of the hand.

Winchester Hospital’s outpatient occupational hand therapy department is dedicated to rehabilitation excellence. Our therapists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of the hand and upper extremity injuries.

Each patient receives an individualized initial evaluation, hands-on approach to therapy and patient education. We communicate with your physician and send patient progress reports on a regular basis to ensure your physician is aware of your condition.

As occupational therapists, we are educated in the physical aspects of an injury or condition and the psychological affects this might have on a patient. Our goal is to treat the whole person, not just the injury or the condition.

Occupational hand therapy services are available at all four Winchester Hospital/Orthopaedics Plus locations:
  • Winchester: 781-729-8833
  • Woburn: 781-932-8866
  • Wilmington: 978-988-6027
  • Reading: 781-944-6564

“Six Weeks to a Better Grip” Program

The Winchester Hospital/Orthopaedics Plus “Six Weeks to a Better Grip” program can help you improve use of your hands.

Osteoarthritis, sometimes referred to as degenerative arthritis, causes deterioration of cartilage. In the hand, osteoarthritis most often affects the small joints of the fingers and the base of the thumb, which causes progressive loss of function often making it impossible to maintain your favorite activities and in some cases your independence.

We often hear patients say, “I didn’t know anything could be done for arthritis.” It is generally accepted cartilage cannot be restored once it has deteriorated. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot restore hand function.

Despite your diagnosis of osteoarthritis, improving range of motion and strength and learning how to protect your joints will lead to improving functional use of your hands. Also, this often reduces inflammation and decreases pain which can stop the rapid advancement of osteoarthritis. The sooner you learn how to care for your hands, the better your prognosis.

The program includes:
  • Comprehensive hand evaluation, including range of motion, strength, pain level, functional status for daily activities and assessment for hand, wrist or thumb splint
  • Treatment aimed at improving range of motion and decreasing pain to improve functional activities of daily living
  • Exercises to improve functional strength
  • Self-care management “joint protection program” to manage your situation without accelerating the damage caused by arthritis

For an appointment or more information, please call 781-729-8833.

Maternity Services

Winchester Hospital is recognized as one of the area’s most prominent obstetric hospitals, offering a 24-hour laborist program and a Special Care Nursery for newborns in need of specialized medical care.

DAISY Award for Nursing

At Winchester Hospital, we honor our nurses through the DAISY Award program, a nationally recognized award given to nurses for their professionalism and patient-centered care.