Getting You Back to Your ActivitiesPhysical therapist assists patient with exercise

Occupational therapy involves helping patients get back to doing the things they need and want to do after an illness or injury. This can include helping people return to work, helping people resume their activities around the house, and helping children participate fully in school activities.

Winchester Hospital offers high-quality orthopedic rehabilitation services. Our approach begins with a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to identify specific areas of dysfunction or injury, followed by an individually based treatment plan that includes attentive care, patient education, and self-management techniques. Our goal is to get you back to your regular level of activity as soon as possible.

Our staff is also skilled in developing occupational health programs. We recognize the importance of preventing workplace injuries, as well as facilitating a cost-effective, gainful return to work for those who are hurt on the job.

Occupational therapy services are available at all three Winchester Hospital locations:

Ergonomics Trainings

Ergonomics is the process that fits a job to an employee’s anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics which can enhance efficiency, performance and well-being. Ergonomic evaluations help employers identify problems with workstation design that contribute to an employee’s physical discomfort or medical condition. Redesigning workplace configurations is a cost-effective way to improve employee productivity, comfort and morale.

Our expertise extends across a host of industries and services including manufacturing, material handling and distribution, office administration, nursing, science and technology, transportation and civil service jobs.

To learn how your company can create a safer, more productive work environment, please call us at 781-944-6564.

Occupational Hand Therapy

Our occupational hand therapy department is staffed by experienced occupational therapists who offer rehabilitation services for tendon injuries, fractures or surgical procedures of the hand or elbow, cumulative stress injuries, splint or brace fabrication and arthritic conditions of the hand.