Sleep Center: What to Expect

About Sleep Studies

To have a sleep study at the Winchester Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, you will arrive in the evening and will stay with us overnight.

You will get settled in a comfortable, private, homelike room. Monitors will be attached to your body in such a way as to be as comfortable and non-intrusive as possible. You can read or watch TV until you feel tired and fall asleep.

While you sleep, our state-of-the-art equipment measures your breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen level and more. In the morning, you leave the center to start your regular day’s activities.

Our sleep experts review the data gathered during the study to determine the nature of your sleep disorder and possible treatment options.

The Winchester Hospital Sleep Disorders Center observation facility features seven hotel-style rooms, each with a private bathroom with shower and flat-screen television with cable and DVD player. The handicapped-accessible facility also offers plentiful parking and convenient, ground-floor entry.

Read a story from a patient who has been helped by the Winchester Hospital Sleep Disorders Center.

How to Use Our Services

In order to be treated at the Winchester Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, you need a referral from your doctor. Click here for a referral form that your doctor can complete and send to us.

If you have any questions about the expert sleep treatment available at the Winchester Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, please contact us 781-756-2325.

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