Sports Medicine

Experts in Athletic Safety and Injury Prevention

The sports medicine specialists at Winchester Hospital are committed to helping athletes at all levels avoid injury. Drawing on their expertise in the mechanics of sports-related motion, they offer community and school-based programs to teach athletes how to safely land and pivot, jump and cut, throw and release, and more. Their goal is to enable student, professional and casual athletes to enjoy a lifetime of healthy activity.

When injuries do occur, these highly trained specialists employ the most advanced and innovative treatments, including minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy) and cartilage restoration. They are skilled at treating repetitive motion injuries, chronic pain, and ACL, meniscus, and rotator cuff tears. Through prompt diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, our experts help athletes avoid the chronic problems that can result from improperly treated injuries.

Winchester Hospital specialists have been fellowship-trained at some of the top sports medicine programs in the country, and remain at the forefront of research and advanced treatment. By providing easy access to advanced clinical care, they help to bring a healthier, more active lifestyle within reach.

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