Women's Health

The women's health experts at Winchester Hospital provide advanced services to address women’s complex health issues. We have invested in resources, technology and clinical expertise to give women access to the best care at every stage of life.

We’re Serious About
Women’s Health

Winchester Hospital is serious about women’s health. This means award-winning care and clinical expertise for our patients.

It means fellowship-trained physicians, committed to innovation and leadership. And it means state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment technology, minimally invasive surgical techniques, pioneering therapies and modalities.

Breast Care

The Winchester Hospital Breast Care Center offers a comprehensive range of expert breast care services. This means you can have digital mammography exams, including digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammo) breast ultrasounds, surgical visits and follow-up appointments within a reasonable time frame – and at the same warm, friendly location.

In addtion, we offer patients a Cancer Risk Assessment (CRA) taken at the time of their screening mammogram appointment. The CRA can establish a patient's lifetime risk for developing breast cancer, so that they can work with their doctor to determine the best screening options available for them. 

Learn more.

Cancer Care

The Winchester Hospital Center for Cancer Care offers women and men diagnosed with cancer easy access to the most advanced clinical care in an environment uniquely dedicated to meeting their every need. The center is dedicated to meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Learn more.

Maternal-Newborn Services

Winchester Hospital is proud to offer one of the region's most distinguished maternal-newborn services, a destination for expectant mothers who have low-risk pregnancies as well as those moms considered high-risk.

Recognized for award-winning nursing care and consistently ranking in the 99th percentile for patient satisfaction, women come to Winchester Hospital from throughout the region because our program is distinguished for clinical excellence and we have a passionate commitment to patient care. Learn more.

Gynecology Surgery

Winchester Hospital is a regional leader in providing the most advanced care for gynecologic conditions. We were the first community hospital in Massachusetts to offer minimally invasive gynecologic procedures, and we have performed the most minimally invasive malignant hysterectomies of any Massachusetts community hospital.

We also stand as a regional leader in offering women robotic hysterectomies and other minimally invasive alternatives for simple and complex gynecologic conditions, including fibroids endometriosis and stress incontinence. Learn more.


Millions of women and men suffer from frequent urination and loss of bladder control. These conditions are not often discussed but they are nothing to be embarrassed about.

Bladder control problems can affect the activities and lives of 30-40% of women of all ages and can be caused by such things as childbirth and aging. Instead of suffering in silence, women have many simple and safe ways to eliminate or improve these conditions and enhance their quality of life. Learn more.

Weight-Loss Services

Winchester Hospital offer several options for women who would like to lose weight:

  • Outpatient Nutrition Services – Diet counseling provided by registered dietitians with tailor-made individualized plans and follow-up support. Learn more.
  • Weight Management Program – Structured diets using HMR® meal replacements, weekly lifestyle education classes, and personalized coaching by registered dietitians. Learn more.
  • Bariatric Surgery – state-of-the-art weight loss procedures include gastric bypass, lap-band, and sleeve gastrectomy with comprehensive pre-and post-op care. Learn more.

Plastic Surgery

Winchester Hospital's board-certified plastic surgeons specialize in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the body, breast and face, as well as providing the highest quality pre- and post-surgery care. We commonly perform medical procedures to improve appearance. Learn more.

Integrative Therapy

The Center for Healthy Living at Winchester Hospital is the leading provider of alternative, or integrative, therapies in the region and is the only provider with certified therapists who are all hospital employees. 

As the medical community increasingly accepts integrated therapies as providing true benefit to patient well-being, Winchester Hospital is already incorporating these disciplines in the continuum of treatment and care.

Integrative therapies include acupuncture, yoga, Reiki, hypnotherapy and massage therapy.