Case Management

Here to Help

At Winchester Hospital, our case managers serve as patient advocates. Our Case Management team is comprised of nurses and social workers to help you with your needs while you are in the hospital and to arrange any post-hospital care you may require.

At the Hospital

Case managers are assigned to each patient care unit. They work collaboratively with your health care team to determine the best plan of care to meet your individualized needs.

As patient advocates, case managers can help you make decisions about your care, help you with paperwork and bring any concerns to the attention of doctors and nurses. 

Health Care Proxy

We strongly encourage you to designate a health care agent to make medical decisions for you should you become unable to make them yourself. Case managers can help you with this.

If you do not appoint a health care agent, your family or friends may not be able to make decisions for you if your health prevents you from making them for yourself, and they may have to go to court to obtain a guardianship to be able to agree to your medical care. This can be a long and costly process.

To appoint a health care agent (or proxy), your case manager will help you complete a Health Care Proxy Form.

At Discharge

Your case manager, in collaboration with your physician and nurse, will provide you with the best discharge plan possible to meet your post-hospital needs. There are several steps to the discharge planning process. The goal is to ensure your post-hospital care needs have been addressed.

Here is some of what your case manager can help you plan for:
  • Insurance approvals for post-acute services
  • Continuation of therapies
  • Alternative living arrangements
  • Medication assistance
  • Home care or other community resources

If you qualify for home care services when it is time for you to be discharged, your case manager can provide you with a list of home care agencies that service your area.

How to Reach Us

Case managers are available at Winchester Hospital seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Case Management can be reached at 781-729-9000, extension 2633.

Exceptional Nurses

Winchester Hospital was the first community hospital in Massachusetts to earn Magnet recognition, which recognizes quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

Robotic Surgery

Winchester Hospital offers the state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgical system for minimally invasive surgery, allowing most patients to go home within 24 hours of surgery, experience less pain and recover faster.