Fitness Classes

Keeping in Shape

The following are fitness classes offered by Winchester Hospital. Sign up online for these classes.YOGA2-Smaller-file-size.jpg

You also can register for classes or get more information by contacting the Winchester Hospital The Center for Healthy Living at 781-756-4700.

  • Building Bones: Classes focus on muscle strengthening and stretching. This workout is designed for women and men with osteoporosis concerns, but is good for anyone who wants to tone muscles using weights.

  • Ageless Yoga: You can begin yoga at any stage of life. As the body ages, muscles and joints begin to tighten. This can cause discomfort, reduce mobility and cause anxiety about one's physical well-being. You may feel stiff, inflexible, achy and unbalanced. Yoga can help you regain your flexibility and balance while reducing your aches and pains.

  • Flex & Stretch: This class is taught by a physical therapist and will help condition you for every day life activities. The class focuses on maintaining and/or improving your flexibility, strength and balance, to help alleviate muscle tightness, arthritis pain and stiff joints and improve balance.

  • Yoga: This is a traditional yoga class that includes gentle stretching, postures/poses (Asana), conditioning exercises, breathing techniques (Pranayama) and relaxation/meditation. This class is ideal for the beginner or the experienced student. Class is taught with various modifications to address all physical abilities. This class includes a longer meditation/relaxation period where various techniques are taught to manage stress and induce a relaxed state.

Fitness and Yoga classes are offered weekly. Prices vary due to the length of the class session. Yoga classes are held in the first floor conference room at the Winchester Hospital Outpatient Center at Unicorn Park, 200 Unicorn Park Drive, Suite 401, Woburn. For more information or to register, please view upcoming classes or contact The Center for Healthy Living at Winchester Hospital at 781-756-4700.

    Weight Management

    Winchester Hospital is committed to providing the most effective weight management programs and, when appropriate, the most advanced treatment for weight loss surgery.

    Integrative Therapies

    To complement our excellent medical and surgical services, Winchester Hospital offers integrative therapies, including acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage therapy, yoga and more.

    Maternity Services

    Winchester Hospital is recognized as one of the area’s most prominent obstetric hospitals, offering a 24-hour laborist program and a Special Care Nursery for newborns in need of specialized medical care.