Adult Volunteer Information

Our Adult Volunteer Program at Winchester Hospital

At Winchester Hospital, adult volunteers serve in a wide variety of roles and provide essential assistance to patients, employees and visitors. Most of our volunteers have been with us for many years – and some for decades.

Our volunteers can always be seen throughout most areas of the hospital. We have interesting jobs for them, and they do significant work for us. We sincerely value and appreciate their selfless contributions of their time and talents.

Types of Volunteer Work

Adult volunteer work at Winchester Hospital includes assignment such as:
  • Assisting in various patient care areas
  • Performing clerical duties
  • Assisting with discharging patients
  • Delivering supplies from one hospital area to another
  • Delivering flowers to patients
  • Staffing reception desks in various locations to greet patients as they come in
  • Reassuring patients and families and keeping them company
  • And more

Some volunteer jobs require no patient contact, such as volunteering in the Human Resources Department. Whether you prefer an assignment that involves patient contact or not, many opportunities await you at the hospital or at one of our off-site locations.

Level of Commitment

Adult volunteers serve one day per week, giving an average of three to four hours per week. 

Whatever your interests are, we will make an effort to find a position that matches your skills and interests.

How to Volunteer

If you’d like to be an adult volunteer at Winchester Hospital, just complete our Adult Volunteer Application.

You also may contact the Volunteer Office via email, or by phone, 781-756-2625. 

Home Care Services

At every stage of life and for every medical need, Winchester Home Care can help, with home care services for people facing challenges of later life stages, with new babies, with disabilities, fighting illnesses, and more.


Rehabilitation Services

Winchester Hospital offers a variety of rehabilitation services – including cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation as well as physical, occupational and speech therapy – to help you get back to your normal routine.


Pain Management Center

The skilled and caring staff at Winchester Hospital's Pain Management Center helps hundreds of patients each year reduce and cope with chronic pain so that they can lead more active and productive lives.